Clicker Training

Clicker training is a fun, interactive way of teaching your dog obedience and good behaviour and have him loving it at the same time. It is so much more than just using a clicker whilst training. It will change the way you think about dogs for ever.

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Puppy Socialisation

This course is for puppies between 8 to 16 weeks of age. During this time a puppy has a greater capacity to learn social behaviour and life skills than at any other time in his life. Don't miss the boat on this critical window of opportunity to train your puppy.

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Behaviour Modification Consultations

In these sessions we aim to get to the source of the problem behaviour, and prepare a training program that is create especially for you, your dog and your household. We understand that changing behaviour takes time and we are here to provide you with ongoing support.

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Tellington Touch™

TTouch™ is a form of body work that can bring about positive behavioural, emotional and physical changes in your dog. It works with gentle, non-invasive stroking, lifting and manipulation of the dog’s skin, extremities and limbs, which we teach in classes, workshops and private sessions.

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