What are Behaviour consultations ?

Bobby Allchorn

Behaviour Consultations are sessions that are geared toward solving more complex dog behaviour problems that cannot be addressed in group training.

Prior to our first session, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill in, which will help us save time during the first session. At the first session, we will quickly discuss the answers on the questionnaire that explores every aspect of your dog’s life to determine the source of the unwanted behaviour, as we believe in addressing the underlying cause and not the symptoms.

Based on the assessment, we will prepare a training program specific to the needs of you and your dog, and teach you how to help your dog overcome the areas of difficulty.

All behaviour modification techniques and protocols are based on positive reinforcement and are validated by sound scientific research.

Changing behaviour often takes time and follow up sessions, that are usually only an hour in duration, might be required. It is advisable that follow up sessions are done at least a week or 10 days apart to ensure continuity. We personally understand that changing behaviour requires patience, effort and an understanding support system – we will be here to provide ongoing support and work closely with you and your dog to ensure progress.