Claire Grobbelaar, owner of Canine Concepts®, started her behaviour and training career in 2001 by studying Companion Animal Behaviour through the ttouch logo 3 animalsTechnikon of Pretoria.

In 2003 she finished the 3 year Tellington Ttouch™ course and qualified as a certified practitioner for companion animals.

By the end of 2004 she completed an 18 month internship at the Cape Animal Behaviour Centre in Cape Town. After working there as an associate consultant for a short while, she opened her own practice in Durbanville.

Claire is capbt_logo_circle_02_thumb2a diplomat of the UK based Centre of Applied Pet Ethology after she completed the advance diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training in 2008.

She is also a member of COAPE’s Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers in the UK and South Africa as well as the Karen Pryor Academy, which all strive to uphold ethics & professionalism in the industry.

Claire is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild. “The Pet Professional Guild was founded on a commitment to provide educational resources to pet care providers and the public coupled with an emphasis on building collaboration among force-free pet tkpa-badge-ctp-150x97rainers and professional pet care providers.”

In 2012 she became a CAPBT Practitioner.

In March 2013 Claire became the first Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in South Africa.

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In August 2014, Claire completed the Companion Animal Sciences Institute’s one year Canine Nutrition certificate.


In November 2014, Claire completed the Living and Learning with Animals (LLA) Applied Behaviour Analysis course with Prof Susan Friedman from the Utah State University.

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Canine behaviour is a dynamic field and at Canine Concepts we spend considerable time pursuing ongoing education and professional development by keeping current on all industry literature.

Canine Concepts® will work in close collaboration with your vet to provide you and your dog with the most comprehensive service.