I coach owners and their dogs to bring about positive changes in their dogs’ behaviour by using the 'Most-Positive-Least-Intrusive' procedures and family-friendly techniques that empower both you and your dog/s.

My training practices, protocols and methodologies for any behaviour change program or obedience training strictly follows the Humane Hierarchy as adopted by the organizations I am accredited with. Click here for a brief layout of the Humane Hierarchy protocol.

Canine behaviour is a dynamic field and I spend considerable time pursuing ongoing education and professional development by keeping current on all industry literature. This allows me to provide you and your dog with the most up to date developments. I exclusively use positive and non-confrontational training techniques.  I do not use physical or verbal punishment, choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars, spray bottles or penny-cans.

“Behaviours once learnt are in a constant state of transition – they are either growing stronger or breaking down” – Susan Garrett