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Chicken Camp 2013 Video

Chicken Camp 2013 in Sequim, Washington with Terry Ryan at Legacy Canine. Want to know why clicker trainers attend chicken camps ?? Then watch this video 🙂              

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Chicken Training Camp for Dog Trainers – March 2013

So what does a Chicken Training Camp have to do with dog trainers, you might ask. I’m very privileged to be attending a four day Chicken Camp with the famous Terry Ryan at Legacy Canine in Washington.  Watch the video. The following article by my fellow chicken camper Terrie Hayward from PAW (from Puerto Rico) […]

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Puppy Day Care Opening September 2012

Puppy Day Care is open to puppies of all breeds aged between 8 and 16 weeks. Our service is designed to provide your puppy’s growing mind with an environment where play, exercise, learning and social interaction are key components during his stay. Being left alone most of the day while you are at work could […]

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Animal Talk Magazine Core Ball Article


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Is a tired dog a good dog ?

Is a tired dog a good dog? We’ve all heard this statement before, but have we really thought about it. I think it is an erroneous assumption to make and is open to interpretation. Imagine being exercised on a treadmill until you are tired, would that satisfy your brain? Providing your dog with monotonous exercise, […]

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UK-based Association of pet Behaviourists and Trainers launches in SA

Got a Persian with a problem? Or a terrier who needs training? On 1 July, the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) in the UK launched the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers (CAPBT) in South Africa. Already the largest specifically qualified association for pet behaviourists and trainers in the UK, this new branch […]

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Cape Animal Physiotherapy

Marinette Teeling of Cape Animal Physiotherapy BSC Physiotherapy University of Stellenbosch 2003 MSC Animal Physiotherapy University of Brisbane 2007 Telephone 072  742 4694 Email:  

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Canine Body Language Talk

Are all these dogs happy? Our talk on Canine Body Language – “Are you listening” will comprise of more than 100 Power Point slides and videos to view, discuss and analyze. This is not just a course that is useful only if you are busy training a dog at the moment. If you have a […]

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Tips for becoming a better Trainer

1.  If you learn the following two rules of learning, you are well on your way: 1 a)  Ever organism (human, any domesticated or wild animal …) learn by the immediate — not delayed — consequences of their behavior. A consequence good or bad, must immediately follow a behaviour for it to be associated with […]

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Council by-laws in conflict with the constitution?

For some years, the Cape Town City Council has been in the process of reviewing the its animal by-laws and after much discussion and many complaints from the public, they are now ready to be accepted by Council. However, in response to accusations that the DA led Council has been indifferent to people’s concerns, a […]

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