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Chicken Camp 2013 Video

Chicken Camp 2013 in Sequim, Washington with Terry Ryan at Legacy Canine. Want to know why clicker trainers attend chicken camps ?? Then watch this video 🙂              

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Chicken Training Camp for Dog Trainers – March 2013

So what does a Chicken Training Camp have to do with dog trainers, you might ask. I’m very privileged to be attending a four day Chicken Camp with the famous Terry Ryan at Legacy Canine in Washington.  Watch the video. The following article by my fellow chicken camper Terrie Hayward from PAW (from Puerto Rico) […]

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Animal Talk Magazine Core Ball Article


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Is a tired dog a good dog ?

Is a tired dog a good dog? We’ve all heard this statement before, but have we really thought about it. I think it is an erroneous assumption to make and is open to interpretation. Imagine being exercised on a treadmill until you are tired, would that satisfy your brain? Providing your dog with monotonous exercise, […]

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Tips for becoming a better Trainer

1.  If you learn the following two rules of learning, you are well on your way: 1 a)  Ever organism (human, any domesticated or wild animal …) learn by the immediate — not delayed — consequences of their behavior. A consequence good or bad, must immediately follow a behaviour for it to be associated with […]

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How to find the right trainer for you and your dog

When you acquire a dog or new puppy you take on the responsibility to  ensure you give your dog the best of everything and this includes training. There are so many different approached out there, some scientific, some self-proclaimed theories, some ‘old school’ and some too ‘new-agey’, and/or a combination of the above. I still […]

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Cabin Fever

With winter on our doorstep we start to live more indoors due to unpleasant weather and daylight becoming shorter. We don’t go out as much and we seem to get under everybody’s feet. Not having enough space around and routine summer activities coming to a halt seem to be creating frustration in our dogs. During winter […]

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Is Cesar Milan barking up the wrong tree?

Since the airing of National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer featuring Cesar Milan, I’ve had a few calls about what I think of the program. I’ve been debating if I should write about it, because when trainers disagree, it seems to be put down to ‘professional jealousy’, lack of confidence and pettiness. On request of a client […]

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Dog vs human colour vision

Colour blind or not?

I was watching Carte Blanche Medical the other night and they featured a research-couple in America working on a cure for colour blindness in humans. And off course all studies are usually always done on animals first. From a behaviourist and animal lovers point of view there were two things that I was happy about. […]

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RICO! photo credit Manuela Hartling / Reuters

Rico – probably the smartest dog in the world!

Rico is a Border collie that knows the names of 200 objects. His owners started training him to learn the names of toys when he was sick at 10-months old and could not leave the house. When asked to go and retrieve a particular toy i.e. the ‘yellow pokemon’, he will correctly pick out the […]

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